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Hi, My name is Miho. I was born in Tokyo, Japan and have been residing in Sydney, Australia since 2006. I am a freelancer that creates 3DCG images and Graphic design as my business name called MK image creations.

MK Image Creations produces high quality medical 2D & 3D images for the Medical industries, Medical practitioner, Professional & Educational Institutes, Publishers & Multimedia Productions.

My ability of creation is not limited. If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact me.

こんにちは。フリーランサーMK image creationsとして、3DCG画像とグラフィックデザインを制作しています。

MK image creations は、医療業界様、医療関係者様、教育関連様、出版社様、マルチメディア各社様等にハイクオリティのメディカル画像をご提供をしています。




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